Twitter Web Analytics Announced

TwitterWith Twitter becoming such a driving force of social media, it is great news that Twitter has announced that there is going to be Twitter web analytics available soon. Until now it has been difficult to accurately measure the amount of traffic Twitter is sending to websites. This will provide a great way for people to see how well their twitter button integration is performing and much more.

This will allow people to see an accurate measure of how much engagement their tweets receive and how much traffic is being driven to their websites. This could become one of the most important tools for budding social media fans and SMO’s.

Twitter’s announcement in a blog post by Christopher Golda says:

“Twitter Web Analytics will be rolled out this week to a small pilot group of partners, and will be made available to all website owners within the next few weeks. We’re also committed to releasing a Twitter Web Analytics API for developers interested in incorporating Twitter data in their products.”

“Twitter Web Analytics was driven by the acquisition of BackType, which we announced in July.”