Twitter: A Social Richter Scale?

In these modern days with internet readily available, even in our pockets on our mobile phones, people have become more complacent posting about their day. It’s understandable in some ways, it’s much easier than texting four of your friends about a random snippet and it’s free.

This information could be extremely useful. Imagine if you could monitor this information on a vast level, it would be like having the finger on the worlds pulse. Imagine how useful news agencies would find it if they could have an in-depth view of trends real time. Like echelon, sitting monitoring the chatter, waiting for a buzz of keywords to alert of a new story. Twitter and the social media is has changed the way we communicate forever. As soon as something big happens, the internet lights up like the element of an electric fire sending and reading frenzied snippets, that one could like the noise of a flock of seagulls around a scrap of food thrown as the noise peaks in a crescendo of activity.

Twitter has already proven a great recourse especially to the world news media.  I often see the UK news channels quoting tweets on their latest big story. Gone are the days when any news had to wait for a journalist to arrive. Social media allows news teams to start building the headlines while the journalist nearest the scene heads there with a lone camera man. In the future we might have a newsperson watching a live streaming feed of tweets about a certain event as it happens without needing to follow certain feeds. Tweetbeat is probably only the start of things to come as everyone sends their own news 140 characters at a time.