Tap Into The Photography Market


Do you have big dreams of being a professional photographer? You probably have plenty of people giving you advice already, which is never a bad thing. But in life, we have to go with advice that’s going to move us forward. The biggest difference between an amateur and a pro is the number of people signing up to be photographed by you. Sure, you aren’t going to be Annie Leibowitz on your first day out. But if you tap into the right markets, you’re actually setting yourself up for much more success than the alternative.

What’s the first market that you think of when it comes to photography? It’s probably going to be taking photos of children, especially new-borns. While this is definitely popular, you have to remember that most parents are on a budget so they’re going to negotiate as much as they can to get the best price.

But there’s a better way to explore the world of photography, and you don’t have to take a single shot of a baby in a crib if you don’t want to. The better road to take is to explore landscape photography. You can make good money with landscape photography in a few different ways.

Remember that people are looking for great photos that they can use online in very specific stock photography sets. You could take great pictures of landscapes right in your backyard, without having to travel very far. But if you do have a passion for travel, you could sell landscapes from lands far, far away that are harder to get to for the average person. There are plenty of people that would actually pay good money for that type of photography.

Real estate investors and agents both need great landscape photos to draw attention to their properties. The investor knows that people take in the value of a property with their eyes first. The more expensive the property, the more willing they are to get someone that can showcase it properly. An amateur photographer isn’t going to be able to capture the full splendour of the land. That’s where you come in — once you learn all of the angles of landscape photography, you can start getting far bigger pay-cheques than taking yet another baby picture.

The future is wide open for landscape pictures, because we aren’t making any more land. This means that demand for property is only going to increase, and hey, someone has to take pictures of it all, right? Might as well be you!