Talk Web’s New SEO Tool

If you haven’t already noticed a new SEO tool has been added to Talk Web. I have always wanted to make Talk Web and this SEO Tool is one way of doing that.

I have been learning PHP to further my IT skills, especially as I work on more and more websites in my day job. I have always found myself at a loss when trying to read books or watch training videos, often finding myself at a lost when it came to remembering stuff. A work colleague said that the best way to remember was to find something that I wanted to build so I decided to try to build an SEO tool. It has been great fun and is an ongoing project and it is really helping me remember the stuff I have been learning. In my own work as an SEO I often look for information about websites or their pages which has influenced my tool. I hope it is useful for you too.

The SEO tool reports metrics such as:

    • Google Pagerank
    • SEOMOZ metrics such as moZrank, Page Authority and Domain Authority
    • Webhost IP and geographical location
    • Meta title and description information
    • Checks for presence of an XML sitemap (only with default name of sitemap.xml)
    • checks for presence of a canonical URL
    • Checks WWW resolve to detect whether a non www to www or vice versa redirect is in place
    • Lists Headers
    • Lists images with and without ALT text

Some of the tests are only done for a homepage to save duplicating efforts and wasting bandwidth. Give it a try and tell your friends! and be sure to contact me with any feedback or suggestions so that I can make the SEO tool better.