Sony Brings Playstation Network (PSN) Back Online

Sony Playstation Network

The Sony Playstation Network is finally starting to come back online after over 3 weeks of down time. Sony’s network was taken offline due to hackers compromising the high profile network on April 19th. They are believed to have gained access to account details that include highly sensitive data such as credit card numbers and passwords.

The whole event has been an embarrassment for the console’s brand; it even took several days for the company to admit the compromise while gamers were left in the dark. There is now a mandatory firmware update for the Playstation 3 (v3.61) that requires all users to update their passwords.

The PSN is being brought back online in phases. PSP and Playstation 3 online gaming is being brought back online while the Playstation Store and the purchasing features will be online as soon as possible according to Kazuo Hirai in a video released on the Playstation blog. He also said that there have been a number of security changes to the network so that it is much more secure.

Sony has been slammed for its handling of the whole situation but the logistics of a worldwide network fix would have been a headache for any corporation. The event serves as a reminder to people that internet security is a very real threat, and that precautions should be taken wherever possible. The company must now be hoping that the PSN remains stable once it is back. A fresh attack could shatter remaining confidence in the network.

Users will be offered a welcome back package that will be announced soon.

Here is the video of the relaunch announcement posted on Sony’s blogs.