Google Making Social Search Global


Google has announced that is expanding its social search feature globally. The experimental feature was first seen in 2009 and available only on Social search is now going to be rolled out in over 19 different languages with more to follow. The aim of social search is for friend’s recommendations to be included in your search results, so that if your friend happens to have tweeted about a local restaurant, when you search for a restaurant your friend’s recommendation will show up in your search results.

Social search will also be influenced by the Google plus 1 button that is due to be released in the coming weeks. This will enable users to recommend a web page in the same style as a Facebook like button. To see social search results it will be necessary to be signed in to your Google account.

Google is not the only search engine heavily promoting social search; Bing has already announced that it will be using Facebook likes and other social signals to influence its search results. And even have a universal like button it a new tool bar. In effect they have taken the edge off of Google’s announcement because Bing can use existing signals from Facebook profiles which is something Google can’t do.

Here is a video that explains the feature in more detail.