Google CEO Stands Down


Google is featuring on many technology news sites in the last few days. Eric Schmidt has stepped down as CEO of the world dominating search company, he is handing the keys over to Larry Page. Eric Schmidt is not leaving the company though, he is taking the position of executive chairman. The move is said to be a way to simplify Google’s management structure and speed up decision making. In a post on the official Google Blog Eric Shmidt said:

“As Executive Chairman, I will focus wherever I can add the greatest value: externally, on the deals, partnerships, customers and broader business relationships, government outreach and technology thought leadership that are increasingly important given Google’s global reach; and internally as an advisor to Larry and Sergey.”

Other Google news is that there are many people reporting seeing updates to their Google page rank today. While the rating does not reflect the true benefits of SEO, many people will be happy if their score has improved as the ranking is a good general indication of the sites standing at least. Of course while customers like a higher page rank, most will not let this be a substitute for a high position in search results. This is where the true focus of SEO lies.