Like No Longer Needed To Comment On Facebook Pages

facebookVisitors to Facebook pages no longer need to like the page in order to have the ability to comment. The recent changes mean that Facebook page owners will have to be much more vigilant in the monitoring of their pages and conscious of their social engagement.

One thing that is now possible is for an unsatisfied customer for example, to leave a negative comment on a page without endorsing the company or product. This is a positive step in many ways that should encourage companies to be much more socially engaging rather than run ‘like’ campaigns. It also means that page owners looking to manage their reputation will have to face the decision of whether to delete negative comments and sweep them under the carpet, or to be seen to solve issues and leave the comments public.

The ease of being able to comment without endorsement opens doors for unhappy customers to post a stream of unhappy comments. I have to admit that I have used this tactic in the past when call centre support hasn’t worked. I have mentioned the brand of my mobile phone company in a tweet complaining and been promptly contacted and the matter resolved.

In the long run this should make business social media exercises on the whole more, well, social.