Is Article submission the new keyword stuffing?


Researching SEO one of the common suggestions I see to get back-links is article submissions. While I can see the obvious benefit of a back-link, I can’t help but wonder if the practice of article submitting is essentially, or potentially the next keyword stuffing.

I acknowledge there are a lot of great articles posted with no ulterior motives but there are often a lot of articles that are blatantly keyword heavy in the content. It is often not surprising to see the links in the author text linking to a subject related site. If this was to become a trend and that article submission sites are nothing more than a host to a 400 word random article that can use the author needed keywords. Would search engines start to ignore links from these sites? Are the days of article spamming numbered?

This brings me to the second issue. If you have an amazing article would it not be more long term beneficial to host it on your own website and promote it yourself? If content is as they say king, would it not me better in the long term to let the organic traffic from search and self promoting your own site prevail.

I very often pose such questions to my colleagues and it often makes for an interesting conversation in the office. The question is what do you think?