About Talk Web

So just what is Talk Web? Well it’s a blog about the web and technology mainly. I already have a photography blog and find it quite limiting (obviously) on the subjects I can post. I am a typically techie guy and have worked around computers for a many years. I am best at home when I’m talking with someone about the latest gadget or technology, especially on the subjects of web & I.T.  I’m a fan of WordPress, and blogging in general. I work in search marketing, and I’m always keen to learn, share and discuss the trade and many other technical subjects.

This brings me back to the question of what isTalk Web all about. I’m a hands on person that likes to engage and engross myself in my interests and a blog like this lets me learn and improve by doing, and more importantly enjoying.

Hopefully this blog is interesting enough to attract a reader every so often so I am not just writing to myself. 🙂

If you have any input or ideas on things I could write about or any other comments, feel free to contact me.