Save your frozen food with a short term loan

Save your frozen food

A Short term loan can be a lifesaver in the family home, especially when things go wrong. Things that are essential in most homes are a freezer and if you have children a washing machine.

What happens if your freezer packs up on a Saturday morning? As if often the case, cash emergencies such as this always seem to happen during the weekend, often the week before payday which is the worst possible time for it to happen.

If you have home contents insurance you should be able to claim for the food if any is lost but that won’t’ help you to get a new freezer. So what do you do? You are mopping up water as the ice defrosts wondering what you can do, while thinking about who you can ask to put some of your food in their freezer to save it.

If you have money, an overdraft available or a credit card with available funds you will just have to go through the hassle of trying to source a new freezer which is a chore in itself; many electrical stores don’t stock the actual items now so you have to wait for delivery.

If you don’t have any funds this can be a worrying time. The best thing to do is to try to find a cheap second hand freezer. It could be from your local newspaper or even a second hand shop. There is a good chance that with these options you will be able to get a freezer home and installed within just a few hours.

Now all you need is the money! If you have friends you could ask them to loan you the cash. In the current financial climate though, not everyone has much disposable income. It will take too long to apply for a credit card, and a bank overdraft is difficult to get when you actually need the money, or it could be that you have a bad credit rating, that rules one out.

This is a prime time when a short term loan from websites such as or quick quid etc can help you out. Getting a payday loan can be scary, especially with the high interest rates and bad press, but to pay £25 for the privilege of borrowing £100 to buy a second-hand fridge is cheaper than the cost of the insurance excess faced if you have to make a claim for the food.

This is the perfect situation, where it is a good idea for people to make use of short term loans. Cash advances can really save the stress of trying to figure out what to do, and you can just pay it back on your payday. You can have your payday loan deposited into your bank account within an hour if your bank supports faster payments. And source a used freezer within just an hour or so.

Image credit: francois